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Size: 4.38 MB

Downloads: 5078

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 19 Apr 2012

In a fun and entertaining manner, the free Enigeo application teaches you more about geography. The application takes two approaches: it lets you explore the world and find out more about countries, their capitals, flags and national anthems, and it lets you take a quiz that tests your geographical knowledge.

The Enigeo installation file weighs in 4.3MB. The installation process, through which you are guided by a setup wizard and during which you are asked to pick one of several supported languages, is quite simple and will complete in a blink. When you’re done installing Enigeo and you run the application, it asks to automatically check for updates.

The greenish interface features nice big buttons on it. To take a quiz, just click the “Start new quiz” button; to explore the world map and learn more about countries, hit the “Start explorer mode” button. And to play with the settings, use the “Settings” button from the bottom left hand corner.

Before you start a new quiz, you are presented with a few options to customize the quiz. When you start the quiz, you will be asked a bunch of questions (something like Where is France on the map?) and you have to click the correct country. Hold the right click button and drag and drop to move the map around, hold the right click button and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Be quick to explore the map, because your quiz is timed.

You can take all the time you want and explore the map in Explorer Mode. When you click on a country, say Brazil, you will see a bit of information about it in the bottom left hand corner. Hover the mouse over the flag to view a larger image of it, click the play button to listen to the national anthem, click “Show on map” to bring the country into focus. You can also click a country’s name (or a capital’s name) from the list to the left, and that country will be brought into focus. In the upper right hand corner, there’s a dropdown menu that you can use to change the way the world map looks.

As mentioned above, Enigeo is free.

With its quiz and explorer mode, this colorful and free application helps you learn more about countries, capitals, flags, and national anthems in a fun way.


Enigeo provides support for multiple languages. Take a quiz or explore the world and learn more about countries, capitals, national anthems and national flags. Customize the quiz, customize the way the application works. Enigeo is freeware. Support for multiple languages is provided.


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